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The international human rights organization Amnesty International released report on the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, from which it follows that the reason for the threats to the Ukrainian civilian population is the presence of an army in Ukraine and the readiness of our country to defend itself. Exactly.

What will happen to the civilian population of Ukraine if there is no army, Amnesty International does not look that far.

Many worthy people have already commented on this material. The range of AI scores demonstrates pluralism, freedom of opinion and, at the same time, a high degree of unanimity of Ukrainian society on this issue.

I want to focus on the main thing, as for me.

Amnesty International’s material fits perfectly into the deviation common in the West.

Virtually every once-respected organization, individual highly developed countries, and a wide range of politicians tell us in plain text: your suicide is a great option. Kill yourself. See how many benefits this has. It would remove a lot of problems. For almost everyone. Do it yourself. Of course, the choice is yours. But it would help us a lot. Only you will suffer. And you are a clear minority! Agree, this is very reasonable.

We must pay tribute – after February 24, there are more of those who do not share this heresy. But in many institutions, this obscurantism is the fundamental basis of all work.

There are certain rules that the aggressor does not follow. Defiantly. At the same time, the victim of aggression – Ukraine – is required to strictly comply with all the letters without regard to the context. What does suicide mean in practice?

Well, there’s nothing to be done, respected organizations say. Yes, the aggressor sends us, we cannot influence him. Therefore, we will itch you. So when are you going to kill yourself? Refuse? Then it’s all your fault! Atu you!

… Ukraine, as a civilized state, strictly reacts to specific facts that may indicate some violations or crimes on our part. We comprehensively and objectively analyze them, and measures are being taken.

But we will not kill ourselves.

I wonder which of our home-grown instigators will undertake to convince of the benefits of collective suicide. Very interesting.


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