“We have enough enemies.” RUTUBE CEO – about versions of a hacker attack on the service

“If you answer who it could be [заказчиком хакерской атаки]I think that from the list of those who do not like and dislike us, in general, in general, you can build on for a long time, but it will all be speculation, ”said Moiseev.

According to him, RUTUBE tries to objectively cover many things, show all TV channels, available services, available video sequences.

Indeed, we had separate requests from foreign, for example, various departments that asked to “remove the domestic channel”, which we will not do in principle. Therefore, I think that we probably have enough enemies,” the CEO explained.

Moiseev noted that the reason for the attack could be related to the good traffic indicators of the platform. “Over the past month, in April, we have crossed the mark of 43 million visitors to the site, which is generally quite a lot for the platform,” he explained.

According to the CEO of the video service, RUTUBE is visible, noticeable and generally causes discomfort “as not just an alternative site, but a site that is open and accessible, come, post, watch.”

Moiseev also noted that in March the number of unique visitors to the service reached 21 million.

Attack on RUTUBE

On Victory Day, May 9, the Russian video hosting RUTUBE was subjected to a powerful cyber attack, the platform became completely inaccessible to users. The company called the attack “the most powerful” in the history of work and assumedthat it was planned in advance to disrupt the broadcast of the Victory Parade. At the same time, representatives of the service assured that third parties could not access the video archive, and the entire library, including user content, was still saved.

Later, the hacker group Anonymous claimed responsibility for the attack and claimed to have virtually eliminated RUTUBE. One of the hackers’ Twitter accounts stated that the attack had damaged almost 75% of the databases and infrastructure of the main version, as well as 90% of the backup and recovery cluster. “This means that RUTUBE is probably gone forever,” the group’s representatives wrote.

Video hosting resumed work on the evening of May 11, almost three days after the attack. Shortly thereafter, the RUTUBE guide declaredthat appealed to law enforcement to investigate the May 9 cyberattack. Cybersecurity company Positive Technologies, which was involved in the investigation of the incident, reportedthat it will take from 1.5 to 3 weeks to clarify all the circumstances of the hack. However, it is already known that the attack was pre-planned, the company added.

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