“We ask that the 15th send us patients because our services are not saturated”, assures the Federation of Private Hospitalization

It front of closure of some emergency services at night in the public sectorfor lack of personnel, “we can accommodate more“, estimates Friday, May 27 on franceinfo Lamine Gharbi, president of the Federation of Private Hospitalization. “Our emergency services are not saturated, we ask that the 15th send us patients“, explains the manager.

franceinfo: As in the public sector, is there a lack of staff in the private sector?

Lamine Gharbi : Unfortunately, we also lack staff, radio operators, nurses, and above all, despite what we may think, we don’t pay more in the private sector than in the public sector, it’s often the opposite. I don’t think we should get into this public/private debate. Everyone has to make sure we can get through the summer because we have real tension in our emergency services. Today, we even have to close private emergency services at night. This must in particular go through immediate salary increases for the summer, that is to say bonuses, not asking for requisition which would be a constraint and above all asking employees to take their leave. It may seem paradoxical, but we have to force them to take time off. We cannot, for two years, still ask them to make an effort.

So there are services that must limit their crowds, or even close completely at night?

Yes, but what we are asking is that the 15th, on the contrary, send us patients because we have a dichotomy of treatment between the public and the private sector, that is to say that most emergencies are referred to public hospitals and our 130 emergency services or our permanent reception centers have no patients, it is paradoxical. A private emergency service will take care of 40, 50 or 60 patients per 24 hours, we could double that. Today, our emergency services are not saturated, we can accommodate more and we must be complementary to the public hospital.

How can we manage to face this summer season?

We have to keep our employees, pamper them, because it’s also important to take care of our treasures and nuggets. We have to keep them elsewhere and above all, that they find the motivation, the drive to work which is no longer today with the tensions that we know in the hospital and in the clinics. There is a demotivation and this demotivation, I think that in the very short term, it must go through a revaluation of the summer bonus which will be granted by the government so that we can have normal activity in June, July, August and September.

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