We are already helping. Finalists of the “Leaders of Russia” contest commented on the request to restore Donbass

State Duma deputies Alexander Spiridonov, Vladimir Samokish and Maria Vasilkova, former finalists of the Leaders of Russia 2020 contest, told RTVI that they had not seen in their email invitations to participate in helping Donbass.

According to United Russia deputy Alexander Spiridonov, he has not seen such a letter. “But even if it didn’t come, then, I think, everyone should participate, this is a civil position of a person. I myself was in the Rostov region some time ago, I watched how temporary accommodation centers work there, and resolved issues related to their work. When there were not enough medicines somewhere, I went to the pharmacy, helped if possible, ”says Spiridonov.

Another United Russia party, Vladimir Samokish, says the same thing: “I have not seen such a letter, but I am already helping. We are collecting humanitarian aid for refugees, without letters, all by ourselves.”

Maria Vasilkova, who also represents United Russia in the State Duma, said that she had not seen the letter calling for help to the Donbass, but suggested that proposals from the Russia-Land of Opportunity ANO might not have been sent to those who are already involved in helping the region.

“We are already actively participating, we are involved in this work, after some time we will travel to the Donbass. Now the priority is to solve social problems, support children, those who are now in a difficult situation. Therefore, for our part, we participate as far as possible. Personally, I donated humanitarian aid, sent funds to charity, ”says Vasilkova.

According to the Vedomosti newspaper, letters to the finalists of the Leaders of Russia contest were sent on behalf of Alexei Komissarov, head of the ANO Russia is a Land of Opportunities. The letter contains various options for helping Donbass, the newspaper writes, citing a source close to the Presidential Administration.

“Now some of the participants in the competition have already gone there to work, including in the government of the DPR, as well as to work in municipalities,” a Vedomosti source said. He noted that after the start of the military operation in Ukraine, the press service of the ANO “Russia – Land of Opportunities” reported only one public action with the participation of the finalists of the “Leaders of Russia” contest, in which organized fundraising for the purchase of backpacks for refugee children. Among its organizers are Anton Serikov, Deputy Director General of the ANO “Russia – a Land of Opportunities” and Igor Burakov, Director General of the Investment Promotion Agency of the Rostov Region.

Dmitry Nikitin

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