War in Ukraine – Will Russian troops return to Kyiv – UNIAN

He stressed that as long as the occupiers do not have significant successes in the Donbass, nothing threatens Kyiv.

The return of the invaders to Kyiv is possible only in case of great success in the east / photo Alexander Sinitsa

Russian troops may try again capture Kyivbut only in case of their successful actions in the eastern regions of Ukraine.

This opinion was expressed by Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Oleksiy Arestovich in interview with Dmitry Gordon.

He explained what he meant by “great success in the east.”

“This means that they didn’t just force us to move away from Severodonetsk and Lisichansk, but surrounded and defeated a group of several tens of thousands of our troops. Which is absolutely unrealistic in terms of the balance of forces of the parties, in terms of their ability to fight, God forgive me, and according to our abilities. Unrealistic,” Arestovich said.

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He stressed that as long as the occupiers do not have significant successes in the Donbass, nothing threatens Kyiv.

“They can launch missiles, but there is no ground offensive,” Arestovich said.

Arestovich recalled that in the first weeks of the war, given the forces the Russian leadership sent to Kyiv, he was sure that the capital would not stand.

“For 15-20 days, I was sure that Kyiv would fall, would not stand. The most favorable scenario that I saw was the completely captured Left Bank, we destroyed the bridges and hold the defenses along the Pechersk Hills, and somewhere heavy battles are going on in the area Shulyavka and KPI. I thought that we would keep this development. That is, only the center will remain of Kyiv, in which we will hold a heavy defense,” Arestovich said.

Formerly Deputy Director of the Center for the Army, Conversion and Disarmament for International Affairs Mikhail Samus told is there a threat of attack on Kyiv from Belarus. The expert believes that the capital may be under a new blow, but the invaders will not be successful.

Earlier UNIAN wrote that Russia replenished stockpiles of Kalibr missiles for strikes on Ukraine from ships.

On June 11, military expert Oleg Zhdanov announced that Russian ships were preparing for lend-lease and warned of new attacks on Kyiv.

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