War in Ukraine – Partisans damaged the railway of the occupiers

Ukrainian partisans damaged the railway in the occupied territory – said the head of the Luhansk police department Sergei Gaidai.

Luhansk guerrillas are working: near Svatovoe they burned the railway control junction box”, – wrote Head of OVA at Telegramm.

Unknown patriots burned the junction box that controls traffic lights, crossings, and the very power of the railway also depends on it. Now it is difficult for the Russians to transport ammunition to the front by rail.

“Earlier, the orcs used the Lugansk railway to transport ammunition to the front. Warehouses take off into the air, the railway is now in sleep mode … no luck for the occupiers, ” – added Gaidai.

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Recall that the Ukrainian partisans blew up another railway bridge between Melitopol and Tokmak.

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