War in Ukraine – American experts believe that the Armed Forces of Ukraine can turn the tide of the war

The Russian army is tired and close to exhausting its offensive potential in Ukraine. At the same time, the APU successfully use HIMARS and other Western weapons and can turn the tide of the war in their favor. Experts are of the opinion The Washington Post.

According to journalists, retreat of Ukrainian troops near Lisichansk July 2 can be considered the only more or less significant success of the Russians in recent months. Putin’s army is depleted and does not have the resources to continue successful offensive operations in the Donbass and other areas.

“The Russian advance has all but come to a halt as newly delivered Western weapons are helping the Ukrainians regain the edge they have lost in recent months. It gives them the opportunity to turn the tide of the war in their favor. Russian troops have not made significant territorial gains since Ukraine’s July 2 retreat from Lysychansk.the article says.

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Analyst at the Institute for the Study of War George Barros notes that the lack of success of the Russian army in Ukraine is hardly related to the previously announced “operative pause”. He notes that even after its formal completion (July 16), the actions of the invaders did not become much more successful. Barros believes that in the near future the Kremlin will have to admit its inability to fully capture the Donbass.

The expert notes that HIMARS and other types of weapons that the allies will provide to Ukraine in the future will help significantly damage the logistical routes of the Russians, as well as destroy the logistics of their army. However, the final turning point in the war will depend not only on this.

“Much will depend on Ukraine’s ability to field enough manpower, conventional artillery and ammunition to push back Russian troops. We should not forget that Russia still maintains an overall numerical advantage.Barros said.

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Formerly General of the Armed Forces named the directions of a possible assault on the Russian Federation in the near future.

In an effort to hold Putin & Co accountable, the Ukrainian authorities and international lawyers are working on the creation of a Special Tribunal that will consider the crime of Russian aggression against our country. Will Kyiv be able to implement this initiative? Will other countries support it? Read about the difficulties of creating a special tribunal in the article Vladimir Kravchenko “How to punish Putin for the war with Ukraine?”

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