War in Ukraine 2022 – waves brought a sea mine to the shore in Koblevo – UNIAN

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the incident.

In Koblevo, waves brought a sea mine to the shore / screenshot

In Koblevo the waves brought to the shore naval mine Russian occupiers, it detonated uncontrollably.

This is stated in the post on the page. Operational Command “South” on Facebook regarding the results for June 20.

“The sea continues to eloquently convince vacationers to stay as far away from the coastline as possible. In Koblevo, another sea mine was brought to the shore by waves. At a distance of about 50 meters, it detonated uncontrollably,” the note says.

The command stressed that no one was injured precisely because of the lack of people on the beach and in coastal waters.

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As UNIAN previously reported, after the Russian Federation “thrown” mines into the Black Sea to block the passage of ships, sea mines are brought to the Ukrainian shores from time to time. This situation is dangerous for vacationers and residents of coastal areas.

Yes, June 11 in Odessa region, bathing in the sea, a vacationer died as a result of a mine explosion. On social networks, eyewitnesses reported that a family of migrants from the Donetsk region came to the beach, the husband went swimming and hit a mine in the sea.

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