War in Ukraine 2022 – explosion at the airfield in Melitopol – UNIAN

Local residents reported that the explosion could be heard even in the surrounding villages.

In Melitopol, an explosion occurred at the airport / photo RIA-Novosti

A powerful explosion thundered in Melitopol around noon. The roar was heard in all parts of the city and neighboring nearby villages.

This is reported RIA News.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have repeatedly hit the airfield in Melitopol, temporarily occupied by Russian troops. Its enemy uses it as a command post and a base for aircraft and helicopters.

Despite this, the invaders are trying to rebuild the runway for their needs. According to local residents, after the explosion, a column of smoke was visible from the side of the airfield.

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As UNIAN previously reported, in the captured Melitopol, employees The FSB began to take out mistresses in an unknown direction occupiers. One of these stories happened to the mistress of the invader, who settled in someone else’s apartment, located in one of the new buildings in the city.

A woman was brought to a strange house by her beloved FSB officer. According to the neighbors, the woman got used to the role of the hostess so much that she even screamed at the children who were making noise in the yard.

The woman’s troubles didn’t end there. A few days later, the military of the Russian Federation broke into the apartment and also took it away in an unknown direction. According to the publication, the woman could hear and see more than she should.

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