War forecast – Astrologer named the ideal date for the counteroffensive of Ukrainian troops in all directions – UNIAN

According to him, the Ukrainian defenders should choose the “royal degree” for counter-offensive actions.

The astrologer named the ideal date for the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine / photo of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

In more than 100 days of full-scale war, Russia has not achieved a single strategic goal in Ukraine. BUT Armed Forces of Ukraine successfully go on the counteroffensive in separate directions.

Astrologer Vlad Ross predicted that the most favorable time for a large-scale counteroffensive of Ukrainian troops would be the end of July 2022. Apostrophe.

According to him, Ukrainian defenders for counter-offensive operations at the front should choose “royal degree” – July 29-30. If the Armed Forces of Ukraine start attacking the Russian occupiers these days, then success is guaranteed.

“If we go on a counteroffensive in all directions at this time, then the situation will be ours. Therefore, dear generals, military leaders, start your anti-terrorist activities – the counteroffensive at the end of July. This is the most favorable time for this. Especially if you choose the date 29 July. In all directions forward. This will be exactly it, and then we will win, that’s for sure, “said the astrologer.

Note that “royal degrees” mean that this time will be crowned with positive energy and the most favorable conditions for the manifestation of the best qualities of something. In the case of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – for the victories of Ukrainian soldiers.

The previously famous psychic and tarot reader Max Gordeev made a deal on Tarot cards and Named the exact month of Putin’s death.

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