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About 140 people refused to fight against the Armed Forces of Ukraine


Russian military who refused to fight against Ukraine, held “LPR” militants on the territory. In total, 140 people were “captured”.

This was stated by the head of the human rights group “Agora” Pavel Chikov.

The Russian military, who refused to participate in the war, appealed to the Investigative Committee because of illegal imprisonment. It is noted that the prisoners were about 140 people. They were held in various places in the Luhansk region, after giving up the war in Ukraine.

“The military was kept” in a room with barred windows and an iron door that locks from the outside, there were no basic amenities, an iron bucket and plastic bottles were used for natural needs, there was no food, documents and things were taken away,” the statement says.

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At the same time, no charges were brought against the Russians. In the statement, they ask to conduct an inspection and bring the commanders to criminal responsibility.

As UNIAN previously reported, a large-scale problem is brewing in the Russian army – there are more and more “refuseniks” – soldiers who refuse to go to the front line or even to the border.

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