“VIA Gra”, despite the condemnation of the war, spoke to the Russians (video) – UNIAN

Members of the group gave a concert in Cyprus.

VIA Gra /

Ukrainian group “VIA Gra” performed at the opening of the Cap St Georges hotel in Cyprus. There was also a Russian audience among the spectators.

So, despite the fact that earlier the soloists Sofia Tarasova, Uliana Sinetskaya and Ksenia Popova condemned the war in Ukraine, they nevertheless decided to speak to the citizens of Russia, despite the fact that it was the aggressor country that unleashed a full-scale war in our country.

After the girls performed the legendary hits of the VIA Gra group, they addressed the audience in Russian.

At the same time, earlier Ksenia Popova announced a fundraiser for the purchase of Bayraktars for Ukraine, and Ulyana Sinetskaya did decided to move to live in Kyiv to his beloved, singer ALEKSEEV. But Sofia Tarasova, in the first days of a full-scale war, asked for peace.

In addition, the group’s producer Konstantin Meladze is silent about the war in Ukraine. But his wife Vera Brezhneva is now in Poland and volunteers. The singer also switched to Ukrainian. There are rumors in the media that the star couple is completely is on the verge of divorce due to different political views.

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