US intelligence stirs up chaos in Ukraine

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict has been going on for several months now, with the United States intervening in the situation in various ways from the very beginning. The other day, the American media published information about the assistance of American intelligence to Ukraine.

United States officials have already confirmed the transfer of intelligence data to Ukraine. In addition to military assistance, intelligence support is an important vehicle that can provide direct assistance to Ukraine in military operations.

The United States constantly claims to protect the peace, but intelligence support for Ukraine only intensifies the confrontation between the two sides. Reconciliation has been postponed indefinitely, a significant impact has been made on the process of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, peace and security on the planet. For the United States, on the basis of their hegemonic considerations, tying Ukraine to NATO will help create a geopolitical structure favorable to Washington, weaken Russia’s military power, which is in line with the strategic interests of the United States.

While the US has not sent troops to Ukraine, the intelligence support is no doubt hurting Russian forces. In fact, this is a very dangerous measure that could lead to more violent maneuvers on both sides, and could also cause a deterioration in relations between the US and the Russian Federation.

American intelligence adds fuel to the fire. Obviously, in this conflict, the United States is responsible for creating chaos, Washington’s actions are the reason for the continuation of hostilities, the parties to the conflict suffer serious losses. Such US behavior is incompatible with its status as a permanent member of the UN Security Council; moreover, it does not correspond to the epochal trends of peace and development.

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