UPL executive director told in what format the next championship will be held

Yevhen Dykyy noted that there would be no division of the UPL into groups.

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Executive Director of the Ukrainian Premier League Yevhen Dykyi spoke about the resumption Ukrainian football championship.

In the comment “TribuneDykyy denied the information that there will be two groups in the Ukrainian championship – one with European Cup representatives will play in the West of Ukraine, the other in Kyiv.

– This information is not true. At present, no final decision has been made. There was a working group with clubs that considered several formats for holding competitions. The clubs support the classic two-round format with the territorial placement of teams, taking into account which the draw of the calendar should take place.

But about the division into groups – the clubs did not support such a proposal.

It is conditional – at the place of deployment of the team, in order to reduce the distance for moving. Conventionally, the clubs that will be based in Kyiv or will play matches here will play among themselves at the first stage. But this is not a division into groups, but according to the location of the team.

– That is, Dynamo and Shakhtar, which are based in Kyiv, will play in the capital?

– According to my information, Dynamo are considering holding their matches in Kyiv. But I do not vouch for this information. Again, there is no final decision yet, it will be in the near future – when we finally understand the locations where we can hold. We are waiting for this information from the relevant structures. And then everything must be approved by the executive committee of the UAF – only then this decision will be final.

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– So now the delay in announcing the final decision is due to coordination with the responsible authorities, in particular, the Ministry of Defense?

– Yes. And so we have already formally agreed on the calendar and format of the event. We are waiting for these bureaucratic moments. So it’s too early to talk about it. But by the end of the month, everything should be clear. We and the UAF, for our part, are doing everything possible to accelerate this.

– Then at least confirm that the base date for the start of the new season is August 20, right?

“Yes,” Wild said.

Recall that due to the full-scale war unleashed by the Russian Federation, Ukrainian football championship ended ahead of schedule. The UPL standings for the 2021/22 season are as of February 24, 2022.

UPL season 2022/2023: what is known

  • At the end of May, a meeting of UPL clubs was held, at which it was decided to hold the next season of the Ukrainian championship, despite the war in the country.
  • Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine allowed sports competitions in individual regions.
  • In the new season, 16 teams will play in the Premier League, the championship matches will be held in two rounds (30 rounds).
  • Participation in the new season of the Premier League will not be able to accept the Chernihiv “Desna” and “Mariupol”however, a place in the championship was assigned to them.
  • Metallist and Kryvbas left the First League for the UPL.
  • All matches during wartime will be held without the presence of spectators in the stands.

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