Unexpected truth about mushrooms revealed

Mushrooms deserve to be put in the grocery basket more often and eaten for lunch and dinner. Many think of them as a suitable ingredient for pizza, but mushrooms are useful for many other things. Here are some reasons to eat them more often.

They contain vitamin D

The “sunshine” vitamin, as vitamin D is also called, is found in some foods, and mushrooms are one of the best options. As you probably know, mushrooms are grown in dark rooms, and manufacturers install UV lamps there. When mushrooms are exposed to ultraviolet light during growth, they produce vitamin D. This fact is known to many breeders of white and brown mushrooms, the best-selling mushrooms.

They are tasty

Depending on which mushrooms you bought, you will experience different pleasant tastes. Chanterelles taste most like meat. Mushrooms (white and brown) have a milder flavor that develops as they cook, but are close in texture to meat. The taste of champignons is reminiscent of umami. They go well with meat dishes or eggs, and grilled mushrooms can be cooked whole, which, of course, simplifies the cooking process.

They are perfect for posting.

When you fast, you can eat them. My favorite fasting combination is pita with champignons. They saturate well, have a pronounced taste and good texture. Mushrooms in the lenten menu are one of the main products, and there are a lot of recipes with them. Soups and even elaborate mushroom dishes and sauces can be included in Lenten menus throughout the year.

They are rich in selenium

The element selenium is rarely found in food, but it is abundant in mushrooms. Selenium acts as an antioxidant and plays a very important role in protecting cells from oxidative stress. Why not get it naturally?

They go great with minced meat.

Adding mushrooms to ground beef will reduce your saturated fat intake as well as your calorie intake for the same amount of food. To do this, mushrooms need to be cut and mixed with lamb, pork, chicken or beef, and then cooked according to the recipe.

An excellent choice for a dietary diet

Mushrooms can help with weight loss as they are exceptionally low in calories and super satiating. Mushrooms are ideal for weight loss diets. In one recent study, subjects who substituted mushrooms for lunch meat reduced their calorie and fat intake. In addition, they stated that they felt full and satisfied in the same way as those who ate meat.

They do not require complex breeding conditions

Mushrooms are grown in containers or bags in an enclosed space. They do not require direct sunlight, fertile soil or a lot of water. This is not a seasonal product, and you can grow them at any time of the year, which means you can find them in the nearest store.

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