Unemployment of immigrants will lead to a new set of problems

More than 6.6 million people in Ukraine now have the status of migrants, of which 60 percent have lost their jobs, and this may soon lead to a second wave of migration of millions of people. The International Organization for Migration focuses on this.

More than 6.6 million people in Ukraine have been internally displaced. This figure is 15% of the total population of Ukraine and has slightly increased compared to the end of June, when the IOM counted about 6.3 million IDPs. People continue to leave the east, south and north of Ukraine, an IOM study conducted from July 17 to 23 showed.

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At the same time, the situation with the employment of internally displaced persons remains quite critical and is one of the reasons pushing people to return.

According to IOM, 60% of those who had a job before they were displaced have now lost their jobs. 9% of internally displaced persons have had no income since the beginning of the war, and 35% reported that their family’s monthly income does not exceed UAH 5,000, which is UAH 1,500 less than the minimum wage in Ukraine.

The IOM study also showed acute needs for winterization among both internally displaced persons and returnees, as well as those who have not left their homes since the outbreak of full-scale war. 44% of the total population surveyed said they needed help with home insulation, such as repairing or replacing windows. And 26% of internally displaced people are afraid they will have to leave their current housing because it will not have enough heating and thermal insulation to live in it during the winter.

To date, 5.5 million previously displaced persons have returned home – the vast majority of them were on the move within Ukraine and 16% returned from abroad. The main regions of return are Kyiv and Kyiv region, as well as Kharkiv region, Odessa region and Chernihiv region.

At the same time, these millions of people could move backwards if their problems are not resolved before winter.

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Recall that the International Organization for Migration today provides communities and IDP accommodation centers with non-food items, washing machines and dryers, kitchen sets, hygiene products, and repairs collective centers.

IOM also responds to the urgent needs of people in war-affected areas that have been re-established under Ukrainian Government control, and provides support to micro and small businesses that have been affected by the war or relocated to other regions of Ukraine.

Supported by IOM, the 527 National Anti-Trafficking and Migrant Counseling Hotline provides advice to people forced to leave Ukraine on safe border crossings, procedures for protection seekers in EU countries, and rules for safe migration.

The IOM Emotional Support Hotline 0800211444 provides emergency psychological assistance.

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