Ukrainians who lost relatives during the JFO and the war will be able to get a reprieve from the army

We are talking, in particular, about those liable for military service who have lost their husbands, wives and children.

The draft law on expanding the list of persons not subject to conscription during mobilization has already been made public / photo from UNIAN

AT Verkhovna Rada Ukraine is offered to grant a deferment from mobilization to citizens who have lost close relatives during the Joint Forces Operation and martial law.

published on the parliament website project Law on Amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On mobilization training and mobilization” regarding the expansion of the list of persons who are not subject to conscription during mobilization (No. 7481).

The draft law proposes to establish that women and men liable for military service whose close relatives died or went missing during the implementation of measures to ensure national security and defense, repulse and deter the armed aggression of the Russian Federation in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, as well as during the provision of national security and defense , repulse and containment of armed aggression against Ukraine during martial law are not subject to conscription during mobilization

We are talking about such close relatives as husband, wife, son, daughter, father, mother, grandfather, woman or native (full-blood, half-blood) brother or sister.

As noted in the explanatory note, the draft law was developed in connection with the need to provide provisions of the law that would allow people whose close relatives died or went missing not only during the anti-terrorist operation, but also during the Joint Forces operation and during actions of martial law.

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