Ukrainian military in the south eliminated 44 Russian invaders, guns and other equipment

Ukrainian aviation delivered 5 strikes on the positions of the Russians.

Ukrainian military destroyed a Russian cannon

Ukrainian defenders on southbound over the past day, on June 23, 44 Russian invaders were liquidated.

This is stated in message operational command “Pivden”.

“The enemy in our operational zone continues defensive operations and counter-battery combat. He did not conduct active operations with the available forces, he did not create new strike groups. The tactics of missile strikes continue as a means of combat and psychological pressure,” the report says.

It is noted that in the Mykolaiv direction, the invaders deployed artillery units to provide fire support for their actions.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian aviation delivered 5 strikes on Russian positions.

“Confirmed losses of the enemy amount to 44 rashists, two 152 mm guns – “Hyacinth-B” and “Msta-B”, several units of armored and automotive vehicles,” the report says.

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It is also noted that Ukrainian partisans continue to resist in the occupied territories, making it difficult, in particular, for the functioning of the occupying “authority” in the Kherson region.

As UNIAN reported, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ukrainian military destroyed another 200 Russians. Thus, the total combat losses of the enemy since February 24 are about 34,430 personnel.

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