Ukrainian aviation destroyed the Russian ammunition depot and 30 pieces of enemy armor

This time, the Ukrainian pilots targeted logistics centers for Russian troops and ammunition depots.

Ukrainian pilots attacked the invaders / photo

Yesterday, on June 23, the aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine delivered powerful blows to concentrations and strategic points of the Russian occupation forces. This time, the pilots were targeting logistics centers for Russian troops and ammunition depots.

This is reported by the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Telegram.

As a result of a series of successful attacks, the pilots managed to destroy dozens of armored vehicles of the enemy.

In particular, the Ukrainian Su-25 attack aircraft and the Su-24M bomber worked against the Russian invaders and delivered several targeted powerful air strikes.

In the northeast direction, strike groups hit an ammunition depot, thirty armored fighting vehicles of the enemy, as well as manpower.

With the help of aviation, a point for the repair and restoration of military equipment of the Russian invaders was destroyed.

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As UNIAN reported earlier, Russian invaders continue to fire missiles at the southern regions of Ukraine. At the same time, Ukrainian soldiers inflicted five airstrikes on the positions of the invaders, inflicting enormous losses on them.

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