Udaltsov spoke about the transfer of Rashkin’s mandate to his wife

The Central Election Commission approved the transfer of the mandate of the ex-deputy of the State Duma from the Communist Party Valery Rashkin to the politician Anastasia Udaltsova. Her husband, the leader of the Left Front, Sergei Udaltsov, told RTVI that his wife had proved by her deeds her right to be a deputy. She will not be a “faceless extra”, the politician is sure, because she knows firsthand about Moscow’s problems.

Udaltsov noted that the Communist Party of the Russian Federation decided to transfer Rashkin’s mandate to his wife back in early June, but the CEC, according to him, checked all the documents for a very long time. According to the politician, the communists acted fairly, recalling that in 2021 Anastasia Udaltsova showed “one of the best” results of candidates from the party in the elections, “even taking into account all sorts of problems with electronic voting.”

“She receives a mandate from Moscow, where we have extensive and many years of experience working with various problems: urban, housing, environmental and urban planning. Plus, we have been purposefully working in a coalition with the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in recent years. We have a common general program related to changes in the socio-economic sphere, reforms in taxation, social legislation, housing and communal services, and so on. There is good contact with Muscovites, with voters in different districts. Therefore, I think Anastasia will work in this direction, ” Udaltsov said.

He specified that the Left Front would help his wife in coordination with the Communist Party. Udaltsov is convinced that such an alliance will not only help improve the lives of Muscovites, but will be useful for the entire left-wing patriotic coalition.

“Anastasia will not, I think, be a faceless extra in the State Duma, like some, but will benefit the voters and the left movement. The decision of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in this case is backed up, I repeat, with real arguments, it is not accidental, but logical. Of course, we will try to use the best achievements of Rashkin and observe a certain continuity, ”the politician specified.

When asked if the spouses talked with Rashkin about the transfer of the mandate, Udaltsov did not answer, but said that representatives of the Communist Party consulted with them before making a decision. In this regard, the politician stressed, everything was “comradely, allied.” The spouses do not plan to celebrate the event yet, because they intend to first of all prove the correctness of the decision of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation with positive results, the leader of the Left Front explained.

To be honest, there is a lot of work ahead now. The decision has been made, but all this must first be formalized legally, everything must be sorted out in order to get down to business as soon as possible and benefit the voters. Therefore, there is nothing special to note so far. No matter how pathetic it may sound, you must first justify the trust that has been placed. We will celebrate when there are positive results of her work. So we don’t take it [передачу мандата] as a gift or bonus. It’s a big responsibility in the first place.“, – said Udaltsov.

  • June 22 CEC informed on the transfer of Valery Rashkin’s mandate to Anastasia Udaltsova, who is on the board of the Left Front. Communist lost deputy powers at the end of May due to a criminal case initiated against him for the illegal killing of an elk. In addition, later Rashkin was removed from the post of first secretary of the Moscow cell of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (his place took Nikolai Zubrilin). The head of the Central Election Commission, Ella Pamfilova, specified that the wife of the leader of the Left Front would receive the mandate at the next meeting of the organization.
  • Anastasia Udaltsova is a native of Ukraine. After moving to Moscow, she joined the National Bolshevik Party (banned in Russia and ceased its activities), later became the coordinator and head of the press service of the Left Front. Since 2013, Udaltsova has been an assistant to Rashkin, in 2021 she was nominated as a candidate for the State Duma from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, but did not receive a seat in parliament.
  • In December 2011, Udaltsova was one of the applicants for a rally on Bolotnaya Square. Her husband was in custody at that time and went on a hunger strike in protest against the numerous administrative arrests. In 2014, Udaltsov, along with activist Leonid Razvozzhaev, was found guilty of organizing “mass riots” on Bolotnaya Square and sentenced to 4.5 years in prison; he was released in 2017.

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