Turkey did not see any positive in the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO

“Now we are following developments in relation to Sweden and Finland [и их планов по вступлению в НАТО]but we do not feel positive, ”- quotes Erdogan Anadolu website.

The Turkish President noted that under the previous administration, a mistake was already made when it came to Greece, and the country should not make the same mistake a second time.

“In addition, the Scandinavian countries, unfortunately, act as a virtual guest house for terrorist organizations. RKK [Рабочая партия Курдистана] and DHKPC [Революционная народно-освободительная партия-фронт] settled in Sweden and the Netherlands. And I am ready to say even more in the parliaments of these countries. From this point of view, it is impossible for us to have a positive view,” the head of state added.

Also, Erdogan did not link the issue of NATO expansion at the expense of the Scandinavian countries with the Russian special operation in Ukraine, although the Ukrainian events were touched upon. The Turkish President stressed that the hostilities “can not be approved”, the situation must be resolved.

Accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO

The day before, Finnish President Sauli Niinistö and Prime Minister Sanna Marin in a joint statement supported to apply for NATO membership as soon as possible.

“Membership in NATO will strengthen the security of Finland. As a member of NATO, Finland [также] will strengthen the entire defensive alliance. Finland must urgently apply to join NATO. We hope that the steps at the national level, which are already necessary to achieve this solution, will be quickly taken over the coming days,” said Niinistö and Marin.

Formerly Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat wrotethat a formal decision to apply for Finland’s membership in the North Atlantic Alliance should be made by the president and government on Sunday, May 15th. In turn, the Swedish Expressen notedthat Stockholm can submit its application on the 16th – immediately after the “additional” government meeting at which this “historic decision” will be made.

Speaking about plans to join NATO, the heads of government of Sweden and Finland stressedthat Russia’s special operation in Ukraine “changed the entire security landscape in Europe” and “radically changed people’s minds” in Scandinavia. Opinion polls show that in Finland the idea of ​​membership in the alliance is supported by about 75% of the population, in Sweden by about 60%.

At the same time, as it turned out, Santa Claus, whose residence is located in Lapland, on the border of Finland and Sweden, remained apolitical. Daily Storm journalists turned to his representatives for a comment and received an answer that Santa was not interested in politics in principle.

“Santa Claus is the eternal goodwill ambassador who reminds us all of the importance of being good. The well-being and happiness of children are dear to his heart, as is nature, belonging to it and taking care of it. Santa Claus has no political or religious agenda. He is known throughout the world as a gift giver, a man who has dedicated his life to creating happiness and joy,” Santa’s representatives said.

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