Turbine for Nord Stream – Scholz says equipment was needed to expose Putin

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called the reason why Germany asked Canada to repair and return the turbines to resume the full operation of Nord Stream, bypassing anti-Russian sanctions. According to him, “to eliminate the reason that the Russian Federation could use to further refuse gas supplies to Germany and Europe.” That’s what he said in a Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail.

According to him, Russia is using the turbine as an excuse to reduce gas supplies, “so Prime Minister Trudeau made a decision that strengthened the position of Germany and Europe: he removed this reason.”

“Thanks to him, we were able to expose Putin’s bluff. We didn’t believe that the reduction in supplies was due to technical reasons. Russia is trying to put pressure and play one ally against another. We must not let him succeed. Since the turbine is ready for delivery, Russia must renew its treaty obligations,” Scholz said.

According to him, if the Kremlin still does not increase the gas supply, “let it be crystal clear to the whole world.”

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Recall that European Union governments agree on natural gas rationing this winterto shield itself from any further cuts in supply from Russia.

Ever since Russia invaded Ukraine in late February and the West economic sanctions 12 EU countries faced the termination or reduction of Russian gas supplies.

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