Tsoi’s father explained why ignorance of the names of the songs “Kino” is a trifle

Almost half of Russians under 24 could not remember the names of any of the songs of the Kino group, informed June 21 RBC with reference to the data of the NAFI analytical center. 79% of Russians were able to name at least one composition of the musical group, and every fifth (21%) found it difficult to answer. The father of the band leader Viktor Tsoi, Robert, in an interview with RTVI, called such questions “stupid” and expressed confidence that his son’s songs are unlikely to lose popularity in the coming years, because “you can’t fool people”.

“I think that the results of this study do not play any role. Because people rarely remember the names of the songs. Now ask you, and you yourself will not remember the names of the songs of any band. You can’t force a person to know the names of all the songs, ” Robert Tsoi said.

In his opinion, such questions are “stupid” because people could know the songs of “Kino”, but for some reason they forgot their name or did not begin to remember. Viktor Tsoi’s father believes that you need to ask about what people have an answer for, for example, what this or that song of a musician is about.

At the same time, Robert Tsoi is sure that oblivion does not threaten the work of his son.

“His songs have been popular for over 30 years. [с момента музыканта гибели в 1990 году]. And I think he will always be popular. Because you can’t fool people, this is the call of the heart, – the interlocutor of RTVI emphasized.

A survey to find out how well the work of the Kino group is remembered in Russia was conducted by the NAFI analytical center on the anniversary of the artist On June 21, 2022, Viktor Tsoi could have turned 60 years old.

According to analysts, 85% of respondents (out of two thousand people) admitted that they like the group’s songs. At the same time, 69% of respondents said that they knew Tsoi’s biography and songs well, 29% were superficially familiar with them.

Only 79% of Russians were able to remember the name of at least one song, while 21% of the survey participants (that is, approximately one in five of the respondents) could not do this. The latter are dominated mainly by young people aged 18 to 24 (44%) and Russians over 55 (32%).

9% of those surveyed reported that they do not like Kino’s songs. Fans of the team were found among Russians aged 35 to 54 years (90%). Among Russians over 55 years old, only 16% called themselves fans of Tsoi.

The most popular song of Tsoi among Russians was “Blood Type” (60% of respondents reported it). The top 5 also included: “A Star Called the Sun” (35%), “Cuckoo” (29%), “Pack of Cigarettes” (24%) and “Our Hearts Demand Change” (20%).

Disputes about the legacy of Viktor Tsoi

Viktor Tsoi was born in 1962 in Leningrad. He gained fame as part of the group as the author of the music and lyrics of the Kino group, which until 1982 was called Garin and the Hyperboloids. The musician, who was considered one of the most influential figures in the history of Soviet rock music, died in a car accident in Latvia on August 15, 1990.

November 2020 35-year-old son of Viktor Tsoi Alexander filed sued director Alexei Uchitel for illegally using the musician’s image in a film about his father. The cinematographer, in turn, stated that acquaintance with the rocker gives him a reason to make a picture about him. He also emphasized more than once that he was not creating a documentary, but a kind of fairy tale. Later, the court rejected the claim of Alexander Tsoi.

In 2021 the music label Moroz Records demanded from the heir of Viktor Tsoi to return 13.4 million rubles for the rights to perform the artist’s songs. The reason for the litigation was the desire of the musician’s relatives to increase the amount of deductions for the use of rocker’s compositions. In 2011, the father and son of Viktor Tsoi entered into an agreement with the recording company, under the terms of which the latter allocated the necessary funds to them. OHowever, in 2017, the heirs considered the amounts insufficient and went to court demanding that the contract with the firm be declared invalid. After the contract was terminated, the label decided to return the money paid earlier by filing a counterclaim against Robert and Alexander.

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