Trump said that Putin will win in Ukraine, and she could give up Crimea and NATO – news from Ukraine, World

Past US President Donald Trump said that Ukraine, in order to avoid a full-scale Russian invasion or – now – to stop it, “could give up Crimea” or get off course towards joining NATO. All this is him voiced on The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show podcast, suggesting that the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin win the war.

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As before, Trump believes that Putin “wouldn’t have done this in front of me,” or, “at the very least, they should have made a deal.”

“They are [украинцы] could abandon the Crimea. They could do something with NATO: “OK, we’re not going to NATO” and you’d have a country, because I think Putin wanted to make a deal. And now I don’t think he wants to make a deal. It blows up everything around. I mean, he will take everything there,” he said, adding that the dictator now “wants to take over the whole country, not part of it.”

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Trump said he was “very, very sad to see what happened to Ukraine.” He believes that the dictator was not going to fight, and he called the gathering of hundreds of thousands of soldiers to the borders of Ukraine before February 24 “excellent negotiations.”

The former American president insists that Ukraine “should make a deal” with the occupiers “before it’s over” because “you have hundreds of thousands of people who are now dead and maimed. You have lost a lot of people.”

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