Tragedy in Yelenovka – damage indicates a high-precision strike or explosives inside

Satellite and other images from the site show that the attack damaged only one building in the Olenovskoye colony, did not destroy the walls of this building, and did not leave shell craters nearby. This is very convincing evidence that the destruction of the prison was the result of either a precision strike or the action of an incendiary or explosive device planted inside. This is stated in report Institute for War Research. Taking into account the foregoing, ISW assesses that the Russian troops are responsible for killing of 53 Ukrainian prisoners of war in a Russian-controlled prison explosion in the Donetsk region on July 28.

At the same time, they point out that “two American officials anonymously confirmed Politico on August 1 that no trace of the US-provided HIMARS precision artillery system was found.”

One U.S. official told Politico that “the evidence showed that Kyiv did not carry out the attack.” If Ukraine had used anything other than HIMARS to strike, the attack would almost certainly have left collateral damage around the site, including craters and other damaged buildings.

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“There is no evidence that Ukrainian forces used US-provided HIMARS, one of the only weapons available in Kyiv that are accurate enough to inflict the kind of limited damage seen in satellite and other images, to strike at the prison,” note in ISW.

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