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Many experts note that the situation in Ukraine will begin to improve by the end of 2022.

Astrologers, psychics, runologists, molfars from the first days of the war have been trying to find out when the Ukrainians will finally hear the cherished phrase “We won!” And here’s what they have to say about it.

Astrologer Dmitry Uranus surethat already in autumn Ukraine will be able to liberate Donbass from the Russian occupiers. Closer to winter, Ukraine will take control over the south of the country and over the occupied Kherson region. Also, according to him, very soon we will be able to return the Crimean peninsula, which was annexed back in 2014.

Psychic Yana Pasynkova made a deal on Tarot cards and definedthat Ukraine can win the war 15 months after its start.

“The main thing I want to say is that the victory will definitely be ours. So far, the maps show that we can win in 15 months from the start of a large-scale invasion. But, I emphasize, this is how the maps show now, today. However, you need to look regularly, and the picture will change. After all “war means hundreds of thousands of decisions every day. In addition, it should be understood that there will always be wars. At least as long as men are in leading positions. When these places are taken by women, the world will change for the better,” Pasynkova said.

But the psychic Max Gordeev convincedthat on the day of the celebration of Ivan Kupala, the countdown to the end of the war in Ukraine has already begun.

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“Everything will be gradual. You shouldn’t wait for a “bell” that, now, the war is over and everyone can return home. In each city, the war will end gradually and in a timely manner. But on July 7, the countdown to the end of the war began,” Gordeev said.

Astrologer Vlad Ross notesthat the hot phase of the war must end on retrograde Mars. Most likely, this will happen around November 21st.

“Everyone will understand that Vladimir Putin will lose, and the Russian army will retreat to the administrative borders of the Russian Federation. They will begin to lose not only the occupied Kherson, but also other cities. And even the use of atomic weapons will not help Putin,” Ross said.

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