Top model Alina Baikova secretly carried the Ukrainian flag to the Cannes Film Festival

The girl hid a small Ukrainian flag in the bodice of her dress.

Alina Baikova /

Ukrainian top model Alina Baikova visited the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival, which ended in early June. Then she went against the rules and carried a small Ukrainian flag with her.

She said this in a comment. insider.

So, the girl hid it in the bodice of her dress, and after the photographers approached her, she took out a yellow-blue flag and a ribbon to draw attention to the war in Ukraine.

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“I am incredibly proud of how I appeared on it, how I passed it. I attached a yellow-blue ribbon to my bright pink dress, and held a miniature flag of Ukraine in my hands. But what was it worth,” Baykova said.

The girl noted that she was very worried about Ukrainian symbols, because it was forbidden to go out on the red carpet with her by the rules of the festival. According to her, she took this step for a long time, but she is sure that she made the right decision.

“I took this step for a long time, but I understood that I should make the most of my popularity and my voice in support of Ukraine,” the model added.

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