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Music in our time has become a reliable amulet and a force that increases morale.

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Many artists, with the help of their work, support listeners in Ukraine and around the world in such a difficult period. All songs released after February 24 tell about terrible events – war, loss of home, loss of loved ones.

UNIAN has compiled a selection of five new songs that inspire victory. They are definitely worth adding to your playlist!

TVORCHI – Wrestling

“I see strength in the middle

Roz’ednati impossibly free

Here in the fields the wind roamed

Chuesh, pray for us with all the light,” the song sings.

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Now the whole world is really praying for Ukraine. In the new composition, the artists described the struggle for freedom, which is now being waged by every person who does something to support his country. TVORCHI promised to transfer all proceeds from the broadcast of this composition to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Anna Trincher – Don’t leave

The young performer changed her repertoire a bit. If earlier she sang about love, now she sings about love for a man who went to fight.

“You with a machine gun there

My Warrior, my Hero

stand for us

For our children

We laughed again,” Trincher sings.

At the end of the video, Anya wrote: “Dedicated to women who every day are waiting for the message:” I’m alive.

Lama – Strong people

The symbols of the new composition are two pilots who visualize the synergy of the Ukrainian people and the army, whose inflexibility and strength is now admired by the whole world.

alyona alyona – Why? (feat. Jerry Heil)

These performers have already released one joint composition, called “My Ridge”. She became very popular, so the artists decided to continue in the same spirit.

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“I have a lot of questions that it’s really difficult for me to look for answers now, but I’m looking for them precisely because I want to put everything on the shelves in my head and understand how to live on. I very often meet people who have the same questions I really want our new society, which is being formed here and now, to give answers to these questions not at the price it gives now,” Alyona Alyona commented on her new track.


Question “How are you?” after February 24, it was equated to the phrase “I love you”, because we are very worried about our loved ones and have become much more interested in their affairs. This is what the new song of the Ukrainian rock band is about.

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