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If you want to plunge into the world of romance a little, then this collection is especially for you.

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Friday is ahead, which means it’s time for a romantic evening with your soulmate. We offer you to watch five new heartfelt films that you will definitely like.

“Purple Hearts”

A young singer agrees to a fictitious marriage with a marine. Circumstances are such that he will soon have to go to the service. One tragedy will change their lives forever. Only under fear of losing each other, they will gain the most sincere feelings and faith in great and bright love.

“reasons of reason”

Eight years ago, the main character was in love with a handsome man, who also reciprocated her feelings. But then the public was against their union, which is why they broke up. Many years later, they will meet again, and look into each other’s eyes in a different way. Will they give their feelings a second chance?

“The Perfect Match”

A manager in Los Angeles is in dire need of a profitable client. For the sake of this, she is even ready to get a job on a farm. But all her plans are ruined by a harsh and mysterious local resident. How will the relationship between two different people – look.

“Between hello and goodbye”

Claire and Aidan decide to break up before going to college – without much mental anguish. They say if you want to leave, leave. But not in this case. Before parting forever, they decide to have a farewell date. Will they be able to let each other go after this?

“Love Apocalypse”

Firat is deep in debt and his advertising agency is bankrupt. At a yoga retreat, he falls in love with a singer and goes on a journey with her to find himself. And, of course, it is there that he will experience the most wonderful feeling on the planet.

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