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Astrologers warn about the “sharp” corners of their character.

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Among the 12 signs of the Zodiac, there are five whose representatives are characterized by particular bitchiness. They can out-argue people in a matter of minutes, beat them using personal strategies. Hearing something good from these women is almost impossible!


Libras are very quarrelsome, talkative and stubborn. In order to achieve their goals and push their interests forward, Libra is ready to weave intrigues, argue, they can even slander a person. They have a very “sharp” language that they use to protect their personal space.

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This zodiac sign loves to be the center of attention. As soon as potential competitors appear on the way, they are able to show all their most bitchy qualities – they can discuss behind their backs, dissolve wattle and rejoice at other people’s failures.


Women-Scorpios are those who do not want to give in on the way to achieving their goals.

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They are very attentive, observant, have a good memory. That is why at the most inopportune moment they can “hit” in a weak spot.


Pisces are the main bitches by nature. They may seem kind, sweet and non-confrontational, but once you “hook” them, they show their real essence.


Another zodiac sign who tends to “switch” their personalities. To some, they show their appearance as sweet and good-natured, and to someone they are ready to cling to their faces with their claws. You should be extremely careful with them – Gemini women are capable of various vile acts, just to achieve what they want and put their opponent in a negative light.

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