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Let’s figure out what beauty secrets will help you hide excess weight.

How to hide the belly /

Experts have repeatedly conducted a survey among men and found out whether they like a small female tummy. And how do you think they responded? Of course yes. But even despite such enthusiasm for the strong half of humanity, many girls are complex because of this.

Today UNIAN will tell you some tricks on how to hide a cute tummy.

Avoid tight things

Now the trend is free cut or, as it is also called, oversized. With the help of such clothes, you can not only hide your stomach, but also voluminous hips, although men do not see any problem in them.

How to hide the belly /

black clothes

Stylists unanimously shout that black clothes visually make you slimmer. In this case, if you need to hide excess weight, you should forget about light colors, especially white. He will only fill you up.

How to hide the belly /

loose t-shirts

To hide the belly, just wear a loose T-shirt. But T-shirts and tops should be abandoned.

How to hide the belly /

Clothes with vertical stripes

Vertical stripes make you look taller and slimmer. At the same time, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the strips should be narrow and frequent. If you choose a thing with wide stripes, then it will have the opposite effect.

How to hide the belly /

High rise pants

This is the most proven way. Choose wide-leg trousers with a high waist, preferably in dark colors. And then no one around you will notice your tummy.

How to hide the belly /

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