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These films are not recommended for people with weak nerves.

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There are many people in the world who are very fond of tickling their nerves. It is they who are lovers of horror films, from which the heart literally flies out.

UNIAN offers you a selection of the best horror movies that will cause you great fear.

“Key to all doors”

The Key to All Doors is an American horror film directed by Ian Softley and written by Ehren Krueger. This story is about a young girl who gets a job as a nurse to an old man paralyzed after a stroke. His wife gives her a key that opens all the doors in the 30-room house, but only one door is secret.

One day, Caroline finds herself in a secret room, from which all the horrors will begin. The old man’s wife tells the girl a story about a married couple of black servants named Papa Justify and Mama Cecile who practiced hoodoo magic. One day, the banker arranged a banquet, during which he and his guests found the children in the same attic for the ritual. Then the indignant guests considered it necessary to lynch the sorcerers.

Later, Caroline learns that before his death, Papa Justify was working on a spell that, while extending the life of one person, shortens the life of another. She begins to believe in the action of hoodoo magic, the peculiarity of which is that one who does not believe in witchcraft is invulnerable to him.

“It Comes at Night”

The world is being devoured by an unknown epidemic, but the hero managed to find an island of safety for his wife and child – the man took his family away to the forest, where he hopes to wait out the madness that has fallen on civilization in a lonely house. The head of the family introduces strict rules and the strictest discipline, which instills fear in his household, but protects him from the deadly dangers of the outside world. One day, seemingly harmless guests appear on the threshold of the house, and their safety is in jeopardy.

“Child of darkness”

A married couple who have recently lost their child adopt a nine-year-old girl who turns out to be not at all as sweet and harmless as it might seem at first glance. What is hidden, it would seem, in a simple girl – see the film.


Six years ago, Amelia lost her husband in one day and gave birth to a son. Samuel is in his seventh year, but he sees monsters everywhere. One day, before going to bed, the boy asks his mother to read him a book she found about a terrible monster. From that moment on, his fears are physically embodied in the creepy Babadook.


This movie is based on real events. The plot is based on the real story of the Perron family, who claimed to have lived surrounded by ghosts, both good and evil. Spirits inhabited a house in Rhode Island in which they lived in the seventies of the XX century. By the way, The Conjuring won the Saturn Award for Best Horror Film.

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