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It is dangerous to be friends with representatives of these zodiac signs.

Astrologers have named three zodiac signs among women with whom it is very difficult to make friends. Some of them are used to going through life alone and they don’t need girlfriends, while someone will set you up at any opportunity.


Aquarius women have seven Fridays in a week. You can plan a trip with them, but at the last moment they will refuse. You can arrange a meeting and even come to the appointed place, and they will call back and say that they could not keep you company. It is better not to rely on these ladies in order to save your time and save your nerves.


In general, Aries can make girlfriends, but don’t expect them to listen to you and lend their shoulder to you in difficult times. Their interests will always be above you and your problems. These are not the women with whom you can discuss life, men and so on.


But it will be very difficult for you to be friends with Pisces. They demand too much attention to their person, but they are not ready to give the same in return. Be prepared for the fact that you constantly have to solve their problems, because they themselves cannot or do not want to do this. Pisces are used to shifting responsibility to others.

Recall that the two signs of the zodiac will soon will begin “white stripe”.

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