Tishchenko admitted that he volunteers for the sake of PR – UNIAN

The media leaked an audio recording with a voice similar to the people’s deputy.

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Odious people’s deputy, deputy chairman of the Servant of the People faction Nikolay Tishchenko called the true purpose of his volunteer work. According to him, for him it’s just a political PR.

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Tishchenko began to actively volunteer from the beginning of a full-scale war in Ukraine. However, an audio recording appeared at the disposal of journalists, indicating that the people’s deputy is promoting himself through volunteering.

“We got a recording of one telephone conversation of Nikolai Tishchenko. This conversation is fresh, July. We don’t know with whom he spoke. Tishchenko himself spoke. He spoke about politics, PR and many other things that should not be discussed so loudly. Tishchenko discusses the activities of his charitable foundation. Talks about charity dinners already held in Prague and Paris. And makes plans for the next ones,” journalist Anastasia Usenko said.

On the “leaked” audio, a man with a voice similar to Tishchenko arranges with someone to hold a “charity dinner” in New York.

“Now I’ve received a request for $1.5 million. To buy drones. There is money, it’s not about money. It’s about the resonance, because for me it’s political (hereinafter illegible – UNIAN) …”, the man says on the audio , whose voice is similar to the voice of Tishchenko.

In addition, investigative journalists found out that Tishchenko is also unscrupulous about volunteering. In particular, the people’s deputy handed over several 40-year-old bulletproof vests to the territorial defense of Kyiv, which are shot through with pistol bullets.

As UNIAN previously reported, the scandalous people’s deputy from the Servant of the People, Nikolai Tishchenko, has repeatedly become a laughing stock. People’s Deputy confused holidays and “congratulated” the Ukrainians on the anniversary Chernobyl tragedy.

Tishchenko called himself a “genetically minded Ukrainian” and said that without lard on New Year’s Day, there is no way: “I check everyone for this important food taste: if you don’t eat lard, you are not Ukrainian.” In December 2021, the politician came to “inspect” the new cars and cheered up the network.

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With the beginning of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine he generally fled to Transcarpathiawhere he pretended to be a refugee. And already on July 15 it became known that MP Maryana Bezuglaya appealed to the leadership of the Servant of the People with a request consider expelling her fellow party members and factions Nikolay Tishchenko.

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