Thousands of people from all over the world ordered on Amazon and Ebay the stamp “Good evening, we are from Ukraine”

Almost 4 thousand orders for stamps and merch “Good evening, we are from Ukraine” received “Ukrposhta” from the beginning of sales on Amazon and Ebay. This was reported press office “Ukrposhta”.

We are talking about postage stamps and various paraphernalia and souvenirs, which depict a tractor pulling a tank stolen from the Russian military. These products are in great demand on the world’s largest marketplaces.

“If you walk around Mangetten and see a T-shirt with the brand “Good evening, we are from Ukraine”, you should know that this was done by us with love for the country and the world”, – reported in “Ukrposhta”.

In total, almost 4 thousand orders from all over the world have already been counted.

Recall Canada Post issues sunflower charity stamp in support of Ukraine. And before Poland issued postage stamps with Zelensky costing 500 zł per piece.

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