There were no Russian tanks in Kyiv

Zhukov explained how important it is to keep the enemy out of the city.

Exhibition with destroyed enemy equipment in the center of Kyiv / photo UNIAN, Vyacheslav Ratynsky

In Kyiv, since the beginning of a full-scale war with Russia there were no enemy tanks. Earlier, it was unofficially reported that in February they were allegedly recorded on Obolon and in the vicinity of the Beresteyskaya metro station.

He spoke about this in interview To Dmitry Gordon, Head of the Patrol Police Department of Ukraine Yevgeny Zhukov (call sign “Marshal”).

“The tanks were probably ours, yes. Because if they (the Russians – UNIAN) had entrenched themselves on some street in armored vehicles, we could have fought them off for a very long time. Because the most important thing is to fly into the city and gain a foothold, as they flew into the Kyiv region, where there were not enough forces and means to stop this bulk,” he said.

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Zhukov also confirmed the facts of the death of the defenders of Kyiv due to firing at his own at the initial stage of the war. He did not specify the number of victims.

“In reality, there were such facts that some units confused and fired at other units. But there were facts that real sabotage groups of the enemy were destroyed. Because they flew here by helicopters, in civilian clothes. They loaded, flew in civilian clothes to change here and calmly infiltrate the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” Marshal added.

Previously, a military expert said which missiles Russia is likely to “saves” for attacks on Kyiv.

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