There is a catastrophic lack of Western weapons, we can’t cope with such a quantity – Arestovich – news from Ukraine, Politics

The Armed Forces of Ukraine “still are sorely lacking” heavy weapons from the West to contain the Russian occupying army and drive the invaders out of Ukrainian territory. This was stated Rzeczpospolita non-staff adviser to the head of the President’s Office Alexey Arestovich.

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He recalled that this is not a local armed conflict: the defense forces have to wage a large continental war with a front line of about 1300 km, and in total there are more than 2600 km of the border that needs to be secured.

“It’s very difficult. We have Western weapons, but we need more. And this is the problem. <...> For a full-fledged and effective offensive, we do not have enough heavy equipment. You need to understand that this is not a local war – this is the largest continental war since 1945. And we can’t cope with so many weapons,” Arestovich explained.

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When asked by a Polish interviewer what would happen if every country in Western Europe supported Ukraine “with such determination as Poland”, he replied: “We would already be in Vladivostok.”

However, added a non-staff adviser to the head of the OP, not every country has the opportunity, and not every one is ready to help Ukraine. Moreover, Europe “has been disarmed since 1991 – and many countries simply do not have enough weapons, they have to produce them.”

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