Theft of Ukrainian grain – Syrian ship arrested in Lebanon

Lebanon has arrested a ship loaded with barley and wheat flour until it can be installed, cargo stolen from Ukraine or not, according to Bloomberg, citing the prosecutor Hassan Weidat.

By publication, the Ukrainian embassy in Beirut said the ship was loaded in Feodosiya on the Russian-occupied Crimean peninsula, and that the goods originated in Zaporozhye, Nikolaev and Kherson. The embassy accused Russia of stealing more than 500 thousand tons of grain during the occupation of three regions.

Recall, it became known yesterday that in Lebanon detained the ship Laodicea, which docked in the port of Tripoli earlier this week. The Embassy of Ukraine in Berut appealed to law enforcement officers with a request to check the ship’s cargo. “The ship under the Syrian flag is transporting barley and flour from the occupied Ukrainian territory,” Ambassador Ihor Ostash said.

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The situation with the grain carrier was also reported to the President of Lebanon Michel Aoun. Prosecutor Gasan Veydat ordered the police to check Laodicea.

The ship sails under the flag of Syria, the owner of the cargo is a Syrian businessman. The shipowning company is owned by a Turkish citizen. Part of the cargo was planned to be unloaded in Lebanon, and the rest to be transported to Syria.

At the same time, a representative of the Turkish company claims that the barley in the port in Lebanon is not Ukrainian.

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