The whole world is watching the ship with Ukrainian grain along with the events in Taiwan

People’s Deputy Serhiy Labazyuk considers this an important evidence that the world has believed that Ukrainian grain will be exported via the Black Sea.

Ship with Ukrainian grain / facebook photo oleksandr Kubrakov

Yesterday, the whole world watched not only the events in Taiwan, but also how the ship with Ukrainian grain would pass its route, so prices for agricultural products began to decline on the stock exchanges. This is an important evidence that the world believed that Ukrainian grain would begin to be exported via the Black Sea.

This was announced on the air of the Unified News Telethon by a people’s deputy from the “Party” For the Future “group, a member of the Agrarian Committee of the Verkhovna Rada, Sergei Labazyuk.

“Yesterday, the whole world not only watched the events in Taiwan, but also unequivocally watched how the ship with Ukrainian grain passed its route. Even more, prices were adjusted on the stock exchanges yesterday. Yesterday, already by a few dollars, the price of agricultural products began to decline. Therefore, the world believed that the Ukrainian grain will go. Today we have a positive that the first ship has already reached its first stopping point for checks. Now the task is to safely pass the next very significant batch of 16 ships for 600-700 thousand tons, which are already loaded and ready to go – this is a lot of money for the budget. But, unfortunately, today we do not have an answer how they will pass, when the next ones will come after them, and so on. After all, this is very important not only for Ukraine, but also for all over the world.Because Ukraine is in the active phase of harvesting today, there are already questions about the places of grain storage, because last year’s crops are still in warehouses. agrarians no longer have revenue, no working capital, thanks to which they can purchase mineral fertilizers, fuels and lubricants, etc. in time. I’m not talking about such simple things as wages,” said Sergey Labazyuk.

He noted that the cost of grain exports for Ukrainian farmers has increased significantly, including due to the increase in the cost of transportation insurance.

“Ukrainian farmers are working at a loss, but today it’s not about making money, but about staying on the market in general. After all, agricultural production is a living organism, and not sowing, not feeding livestock, not cultivating the field is a loss, which will have consequences for several years. Therefore, today we are working to strengthen state support for the agricultural sector, which is one of the key ones for Ukraine,” the people’s deputy stressed.

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