the village of Sereda was shelled from the side of Ukraine

“He will be provided with all the necessary medical assistance. More details will be given later, wrote the head of the region in the telegram channel.

The day before, Gladkov reported that he met in this village with volunteers helping the Russian military participating in a special operation. “Here, the guys are surrounded by warmth and they cook the most delicious, because home-made, food. Our defenders really need this,” the governor mentioned.

Incidents in the Belgorod region since the start of the special operation

Since the beginning of the military special operation, the Belgorod region has been repeatedly shelled. As of May 13, there were 280 households in the region with varying degrees of damage, which were received as a result of shelling from Ukraine.

  • On May 11, the village of Solokhi was shelled. As a result, an 18-year-old local resident died, seven people were injured. “As a result of the shelling, 54 households, a school, a library, a recreation center and a store were damaged. 6 cars were also damaged. The contractors have already started the restoration work.” informed Gladkov.

  • On May 5, the villages of Zhuravlevka and Nekhoteevka in the Belgorod region were shelled. As a result, a house and a garage were destroyed in Nekhoteevka. There were no casualties among the civilian population.

  • May 1 at the site of the Russian Ministry of Defense in the Belgorod Region happened fire, the governor of the region reported. The governor did not specify what kind of military facility he was talking about, adding only that it is located “on the border of three municipalities – the Borisov and Belgorod districts and the Yakovlevsky urban district.” As a result, one local resident was injured.

  • April 27 Gladkov reportedthat a series of explosions thundered at night. According to preliminary information, an ammunition depot in the village of Staraya Nelidovka caught fire. The destruction of residential buildings and casualties among the civilian population were not reported.

  • On April 26, the village of Golovchino in the Grayvoron urban district was shelled at night. Several non-residential buildings and several houses were damaged. There were no casualties among the civilian population.

  • On April 25, the territories of the villages of Nekhoteevka and Zhuravlevka were shelled from the Ukrainian side. Two people were injured. 14 households were damaged.

  • On April 19, during the shelling of the village of Golovchino, gas and electricity supplies were disrupted. As a result of the shelling, three local residents were injured.

  • On April 14, the village of Zhuravlevka was shelled. A 37-year-old local resident received a slight shrapnel wound. An emergency regime was introduced in Zhuravlevka and Nekhoteevka.

  • On April 12, in the Shebekinsky district, bordering on the Kharkov region, the railway tracks were damaged.

  • April 1 Ukrainian helicopters inflicted attack on the oil depot in Belgorod. After several explosions, a fire started. In addition, the local printing house was fired upon.

  • On the evening of March 29, a series of explosions occurred near the village of Krasny Oktyabr. Gladkov wrote in his telegram channel that this is most likely related to a fire at a military warehouse. The head of the region then clarified that this was unverified information – the authorities are waiting for an explanation from the Russian Ministry of Defense.
  • On March 23, a shell exploded in the Belgorod village of Zhuravlyovka, three people were injured. On the night of March 24 there happened several more explosions, there were no injuries or deaths. March 25 in the Russian Orthodox Church reportedthat military priest Oleg Artemov died during the shelling of Zhuravlyovka.
  • In addition, a few more shells, according to the head of the region, hit on the territory of the region on February 24. Then it was reported about three victims: two adults and a child born in 2015. The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the attempted murder of two or more persons.

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