The UN urged Putin to unblock the ports of Ukraine because of the threat of world hunger

“If your heart is open to the pain of the world, then regardless of your attitude towards Ukraine, these ports should be unblocked. Otherwise, millions of people around the world will die, ”Beasley quotes CNN.

In addition, the UN spokesman said that the opening of ports must occur in the next two months, otherwise the Ukrainian economy, focused on agriculture, could collapse. According to Beasley, in this case, Ukraine, like Moldova, will no longer have access to the sea, while ports are “important” for it. Beasley believes that Russia is using the blockade of ports as leverage and is doing the same with energy to put pressure on the West.

At the same time, CNN emphasizes that it will not be easy to unblock Ukrainian ports, not only because of the many mines. According to Beasley, the Ukrainian military is concerned that after their opening, Russia will “rapidly deploy” troops and take control of the maritime facilities.

“World leaders must put pressure on Russia so we can get supply protection [продукции] to and from Odessa,” Beasley said.

US President Joe Biden said earlier that about 20 million tons of grain were stuck in Ukraine due to hostilities. “If these tons do not reach the market, a lot of people in Africa will die of starvation, because they are the only supplier to a number of African countries,” he stressed.

  • Ukraine is one of the main exporters of corn, wheat, oats, sunflower oil and seeds in the world. At the end of April, the Ukrainian authorities made a decision to close ports in Mariupol, Kherson, Berdyansk and Skadovsk – these territories are not controlled by Kyiv.
  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky asked the United States to transfer reusable high-precision drones, multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) and anti-ship missiles to Kyiv to protect Ukrainian ports, told On May 5, on NBC, a member of the American delegation, Senator Jason Crowe. According to him, now there are 12 million tons of food in Ukrainian ports. The senator added that Ukraine faced a problem with the supply of food due to the threat of attacks on ports.

  • Zelensky at the end of March said that due to the special operation of Russia, the export of corn, vegetable oil and other goods is disrupted. French President Emmanuel Macron noted that some states are suffering from a shortage of grain crops from Russia and Ukraine.

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