The Ukrainian Armed Forces could probably move away from the strategic position near Donetsk

In the near future, the enemy will also try to capture the highway connecting Peski and Avdiivka.

Attempts to storm Avdiivka for Russia have not previously brought significant progress / photo Emerging Europe

Russian forcesprobably decided to attack Avdiivka head-on from the occupied Donetsk region, rather than wait for Ukrainian forces to withdraw from their prepared defensive positions as a result of Russian outreach operations northeast of the village.

This is stated in report Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

Analysts note that under the message of the General Staff about the partial success of the occupiers in this area, they probably mean the displacement of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the Butovo mine area to the south-west of Avdiivka.

In the near future, the enemy will also try to capture the highway connecting Peski and Avdiivka. Attempts to storm Avdeevka for Russia had not previously brought significant progress.

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The Institute for the Study of War adds that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been occupying positions near the Butovka mine since 2015, and for many years this area has been subjected to continuous shelling. Ukrainian forces have also previously identified Butovka as a strategic defensive point and the closest Ukrainian position to Donetsk.

War in Ukraine: current data

Russian troops focused on the capture of Donbass. Enemy as a result of assaults has partial success in the Bakhmut and Avdeevsky directions.

At the same time, attempts to advance the enemy in the directions of Rota – Vershina, Vladimirovka – Yakovlevka, Klinovo – Zaitsevoe and Pokrovskoye – Bakhmut were successfully repelled. The invaders retreated with losses.

Also, the RF Armed Forces carried out assault operations in the direction of Mineralnoe – Avdeevka, they were not successful, they retreated.

Russian offensives on the Kramatorsk and Kharkov directions successfully repulsed.

As a result of accurate missile strikes by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the warehouses of the occupiers in the Kherson region, Russia began to transfer additional units to the south and is in a defensive position.

According to the former Deputy Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant General Igor Romanenko, Russia could change the plan of attack on Ukrainetrying to capture the southern regions.

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