The tragedy in Olenovka – the Russians used thermobaric weapons

Explosion in the colony in the village of Olenevka, where more than 50 Ukrainian prisoners of war died, led to Russian thermobaric weapons. This is the opinion of the investigation team, which includes international experts. This was announced on the air of the national telethon by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Andriy Kostin.

“The previous conclusions of our international experts indicate that the cause of this murder or the method of this murder was a thermobaric weapon. These are the preliminary findings of several international experts. It wasn’t a missile strike.” Andrey Kostin said.

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The Prosecutor General added that exposing the lies of Russian propagandists about the tragedy in Olenovka is one of the priorities of the investigation.

Recall that Russia burned Ukrainian prisoners of war in their sleep with thermobaric weapons, InformNapalm experts were the first to say. They reported that the nature of the damage to the building and the position of the bodies of the victims, as well as the absence of a crater from the impact, indicate an explosion with a fire inside the building, and not a hit from the HIMARS MLRS, as Russian propaganda convinces.

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Version of the missile hit with HIMARS refute and satellite images of Maxar.

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