The tragedy in Olenovka – the former captive spoke about the resettlement of the Azov people in a remote industrial zone before the strike

In the colony in Olenovka there were a number of abandoned buildings, where the prisoners involved in the work never entered. A kind of industrial zone, located behind the gate as a certain “dedicated segment”. And on the eve of the tragedy, Ukrainian prisoners of war were grouped according to a certain attribute and resettled there. It was a deliberate step, convinced the former prisoner of the Olenovsky colony, Ukrainian volunteer Anna Voroshiva, who spent 100 days there. About this she told in an interview for the YouTube channel “Chronicles of War”.

Despite the fact that there were rumors among the prisoners that fighters from Azovstal would be trained for exchange, the escorts said among themselves that this would not be possible. And they convinced that the “Azovites” would be transferred to colonies deep into Russia, Taganrog, Rostov …

“The guards said among themselves that many of them would never go anywhere. That at least they are here until the end of the war, at most – they simply will not be. It was said that someone was being transferred to other institutions in central Russia, the cities of Taganrog, Rostov were called, and it was simply said that they would go far, ”the former captive notes.

Vorosheva recalls that there was an aggressive attitude towards the “Azovites” on the part of the guards:

“The way they were beaten and how they were treated and what they were told indicated that they were going to have a very cruel fate in this space.”

Meanwhile, in the media environment, in most of the world media, the prisoners from Azovstal continued to pay great attention, the situation received publicity, and the escorts “needed to hide their crimes against those people who were no longer there at that time,” Vorosheva is convinced.

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