The tragedy in Olenivka – the UN will launch a mission to find the facts of the terrorist attack

The UN responded to Ukraine’s call to send UN and Red Cross inspection to investigate the terrorist attack on the temporarily occupied Olenivka, where from the explosion in the colony killed Ukrainian prisoners of war.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres said that requests for an investigation into the tragedy are coming from both sides. However, the UN does not have the authority to conduct criminal investigations. In this connection, the UN initiates the launch of a fact-finding mission that could form the basis of an investigation.

“We receive requests from the Russian Federation and requests from Ukraine to conduct an investigation into the events (in Olenivka – ed.). I decided, in accordance with my competence and authority, to launch a fact-finding mission. I do not have the authority to conduct criminal investigations, but I can launch a fact-finding mission,” Guterres said at a press conference on Wednesday.

According to him, independent and competent people will be sent to establish the facts that led to the tragedy. Guterres also expressed the hope that both sides will be given access to the data necessary to establish the truth about the tragedy in Olenivka.

At the same time, the Organization of the International Committee of the Red Cross reported that, as of August 3, representatives were unable to visit the place of detention of Ukrainian prisoners of war in Olenivka. Russia also did not respond to the organization’s proposal to transfer assistance to the prisoners.

It should be noted that in his video message on August 3, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that the terrorist attack in Olenivka should be the decisive argument for recognizing Russia as a terrorist country.

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On July 29, an explosion occurred in the barracks of a colony in Olenivka, occupied by the Russians, killing more than 50 prisoners of war defending Ukraine, 130 were injured. Ukrainian and international experts agree that the hut was blown up from the inside with thermobaric weapons.

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