The tragedy in Olenivka – the Russians prepared the graves for the dead in advance, Photo

The Russian invaders prepared the graves in advance for dead Ukrainian prisoners of war in Olenivka. It’s noticeable in the pictures published Bellingcat journalist Eliot Higgins.

On his Twitter page, an American investigator showed photos showing changes in soil shifts on the territory of the pre-trial detention center in Olenivka.

“Lower resolution images on Planet indicate that ground shifts (visible at the bottom of the screen of this video) occurred between July 18 and 21 at Olenivsky Prison,” Elliot wrote.

Bellingcat Founder’s Assumption Shared by OSINT Researcher Alexander Oliver. The day before he also showed satellite imagery Maxar, demonstrating probable graves excavated near the northern wall of the Olenivskaya colony. The pits appeared on the territory of the correctional facility on July 27 (2 days before the explosion). July 30 (1 day after the tragedy) they were buried.

“If these are graves, then there is further evidence that this was a pre-planned war crime by the Russians, which was probably prepared in a few days. Of course, there may be graves in POW camps that do not testify to a large-scale war crime. But the number of likely graves that appear fresh in these images, and the scale of war crimes, suggests that this is not a coincidence.”Oliver pointed out.

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Earlier, InformNapalm suggested that Russians burned Ukrainian prisoners in a dreamusing thermobaric weapons.

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