The track alyona alyona and Vladimir Cauchemar DANCER sounded in the series Dangerous Liaisons from Netflix

August 02, 2022, 12:13


The track DANCER was recorded together with Vladimir Cauchemar.

The track alyona alyona sounded in the new Netflix series

Track alyona alyona sounded in the new series
© Netflix

The track DANCER, recorded by Ukrainian rap artist alyona alyona together with Vladimir Cauchemar, became the soundtrack of the new teen series Dangerous Liaisons from Netflix. The series became available on the platform on July 8 this year.

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“This small fragment is a great honor for me. Now it is especially important to promote Ukrainian music in the world, the ethnics of the country, our cultural code. And therefore, the Ukrainian track, and even the Ukrainian language on a platform like Netflix, is already a victory. Today we sound in a fragment, tomorrow we will write the main soundtracks for top movies,” says alyona alyona.

The series is about teenagers who go to the same school. Selena, who recently transferred to a new school, falls in love with the “bad boy” Tristan. She has no idea about her role in the big hard bet that Tristan made with social media queen Vanessa.

Prepared by: Faina Vaulina

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