The song alyona alyona became the soundtrack of the famous Netflix series – UNIAN

The star shared that the song will be heard in the 11th episode of the series “Dangerous Liaisons”.

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Famous Ukrainian rapper alyona alyona said that her song “Dancer” became the soundtrack to the Netflix series. The star shared that the song will be heard in episode 11 of the series. Alena Alena boasted the good news on her Instagram blog.

“Our track with Vladimir Nightmare was taken as the soundtrack to the TV series Dangerous Liaisons, which was released on Netflix,” the celebrity wrote.

It is reported that the romantic series was released on screens on July 11.

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And here is the song itself and the video for it, which was released in 2020:

“Dangerous Liaisons” tells about an excellent student Selina, who liked the “bad boy” Tristan. The girl does not even realize that for Tristan her feelings are only part of the bet that he made with the most popular girl in the school, Vanessa.

Recall jerry heil and alyona alyona intrigued by a collaboration with a European artist.

UNIAN also wrote that Jerry Heil and alyona alyona bought a drone for the money raised at a concert in Warsaw.

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