The son of the director of the Rivne NPP Pavlyshyn was accused of beating an elderly woman

The daughter of the victim contacted the police with a statement.


The son of the director of the Rivne NPP, Yevgeny Pavlishin, beat an elderly woman who had come to rest on Lake Beloe.

This was reported by the daughter of the victim Alexander Gonchar, write “Ukrainian news”.

“While my husband is on the front lines fighting for our peaceful sleep, his 64-year-old mother-in-law and her daughter were brutally beaten while relaxing on the White Lake. Cruel, in this case, is not just a word, but the fact that my my relatives are in the hospital in a serious condition and my mother does not recognize me,” she wrote.

According to her, the incident occurred due to remarks. “The man was doing his natural needs under the door of the house in which his mother was visiting, and responded to the remarks of the elderly woman with brute force with the words” Don’t you know who I am!? continued to strike with his feet. But this was not enough for him, and he applied his physical strength to his daughter, who wanted to stand up for her mother, “the woman said.

Gonchar also said that she had contacted the police with a corresponding statement.

“Statements to the police are written while I trust the authorities, I am waiting for a fair consideration and incurring responsibility for what this person has committed. And I have a question for this “hero” of our time, Pavlishin Yevgeny: “If you have physical strength and hardening to shock an elderly woman, then why not showcase your talents on the front lines? Why do other guys have to cover your 5 point from the orcs while you are beating old women here? ”Gonchar wrote.

She also released photos of the beatings.

According to the editors of UN, the attacker Yevgeny Pavlyshyn is the son of the head of the Rivne NPP, Pavel Pavlyshyn.

Recall that the independent trade union of Rivne NPP demands the dismissal of the director of the station Pavel Pavlyshyn.

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