The situation in the Donbass – how the position of the Russian Federation in the south will affect it – news from Ukraine

The director of the New Geopolitics Research Network, Mikhail Samus, stressed that the UAF, with its precise strikes on the Russian military depots, led to the fact that in the near future the pace of the Russian offensive in the Donbass will slow down. Another prerequisite for this will be problems with personnel.

“They (the invaders – ed.) have a political task – they need to occupy the entire Donetsk and Luhansk regions,” explains Samus publication “RBC Ukraine”. – Without this, for Putin, there can’t even be any intermediate results of this operation at all, if the Donetsk and Lugansk regions are not captured. It will be very difficult even for propaganda to explain to the Russian population what it was all about: they lost Kherson, they could not occupy Donbass, then why were all these huge losses?

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At the same time, the Donbass will still be on the agenda of the Russians until it is planned to be completely occupied. Even the situation with Kherson will not change this, although the difficulties in the south seem to have become sudden for the Russian Federation.

“Therefore, it is still far from the culmination there, they must create conditions for an attack on Slovyansk, Kramatorsk, and only after that try to take other territories of Donbass to the end. I think that they will now try to continue their assault actions,” Samus suggests, adding that the occupiers already have a number of problems – HIMARS are destroying ammunition depots, there will be problems with the personnel, because they are being pulled south, so objectively the intensity of the offensive will decrease. with Kherson.

Samus added that a strike force in the Donbass can be created only after a complete regrouping.

“Of course, they want to do it very quickly. But I can’t imagine how they can plan it for themselves,” the expert adds.

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Recall, Sergei Rakhmanin, a member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence, explained that the coming weeks will determine the further nature of the war against Ukraine, this will make it clear how long will it last. In his opinion, now neither side has the initiative, and there is no direction of the main attack.

Why did the aggressor fail the first stage of the invasion and fail to succeed in the second? What tasks should our army solve at the third stage in order to force the Russians out of Ukraine? What are the consequences of a truce to which Putin will persuade Ukraine? The answers to these questions and the forecast for the coming months can be found in the article by Major General Sergei Savchenko“Are you waiting for powerful fire training and a counteroffensive? This will not happen. Everything has already begun”.

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